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Quotes I attended Christa's natural birthing class, and even though I had done the birthing class at the hospital the first time around, I still learnt a lot from Christa's class, and left with a much more positive attitude towards birthing and was actually looking forward to the labour! Quotes
Felicity Eagleton

Quotes My partner and I would highly recommend Christa's Prenatal Classes. We are first time parents, so the information that she shared with us was very helpful and definitely got us in a positive frame of mind. Every time Christa left our place, I felt more and more confident, which is nice, especially towards the end of my pregnancy. When I gave birth it was a wonderful experience and I don't think it would have been the same if it wasn't for Christa. Quotes
Kath Howse

Quotes Thank you so much for everything today Christa. I can't begin to tell you how much Josh and I learnt and enjoyed all of your support. I'm so excited for our birth experience because I know how positive and beautiful it's going to be, with many thanks to you! Thank you so much! :) Quotes

Quotes Very informative, calm and pleasant to listen to. I enjoyed the whole day! Quotes

Quotes For me, being a 3rd time mum, it was refreshing and confidence boosting. It gave me an opportunity to reflect and be aware of areas I need to relax in. It gave me more confidence in my husband also as I know he now has more of an understanding about birth. Because it was just us, we got to spend so much time talking in-depth about issues important to us and also most importantly this course gave us the opportunity to make sure we are on the same page for the birth. Quotes

Quotes Great to see your business on here Christa. I would recommend you to any pregnant woman, you made my birthing experience wonderful and memorable through your teachings and guidance with meditations. Yes, I even learnt to say 'pressure waves'... :) Best of luck. X Quotes
Lisa Cole

Quotes I would like to start out by saying what an amazing help Christa was in the whole preparation and birthing process! I took classes with her and also had her present for the birth of my child and I truly believe that without her assistance and knowledge that I may have had a very different outcome from the natural birth that I had. Quotes
Ellen Arthur

Quotes ...We opted not to do the birthing classes with the hospital so that we could have a more personal experience in the privacy of our own home. The information and resources you provided us with meant that we were well equipped to make informed decisions about our own birthing experience. It was a pleasure getting to know you throughout our journey; you always left us feeling calm and relaxed after each session so we both knew with your support our birthing experience was going to be a positive one, and it was!... Quotes
Tanya & Daniel

Quotes ...The classes we took as we prepared to birth our first child brought us closer as a couple and closer to the little one waiting inside. Christa is a wonderful and friendly person who enables women to feel positive about their bodies and their abilities to birth. We were informed about all our choices and ways in which we were able to birth, which gave us insight on how we wanted our little one to arrive. We are so grateful for her services and recommend her to those who are preparing to become a parent... Quotes
Swindelle & Beau